In praise of tights

dress with tights and bootiesLate fall and the weather is getting crisp. After a summer of wearing bright dresses, must I now exchange them for dull, drab trousers?


While trousers have a role in a fall/winter wardrobe, the evolution of tights has made wearing dresses year-round easy. When I was in Paris recently, I noticed that many French women wear dresses and skirts to work, paired with chic tights and ankle booties or pumps. As the weather gets colder, tall boots come into play as a very sophisticated addition to the wardrobe.

Some tips for wearing tights:opaque tights

  • Black tights are always stylish. Many come in semi-opaque so they’re not too heavy.
  • If you’re wearing pattered tights, make sure you account for the pattern when selecting your dress or skirt. A safe option is to wear a solid skirt with patterned tights so the overall effect is easy on the eyes.
  • Coloured tights are also a great fashion statement. Again, consider your overall look when choosing coloured tights. Your legs are long so balance is key!
  • Tights are not pants, nor are they leggings! If they have a gusset and feet, they’re tights and must be worn in the same way as pantyhose…with a dress or skirt.patterned tights
  • Tights and open-toed shoes? While some fashion-forward young women may be able to get away with this, for mature women, it doesn’t work. Stick to pumps or boots.

Enjoy the changing seasons!

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