How do you shop?

Shopping bag

It seems that online shopping is definitely gaining in popularity, especially since many items can easily be purchased without having to personally experience them. Take electronics, for example. There’s no need to see it in person – the specs are the specs.

But with clothing, do you trust the sizing charts when ordering online? What happens when it arrives and is completely wrong for you? Recently, I experienced the best in customer service with a sales consultant who took the time to learn what I liked, pulled clothing she thought would work for me, and assisted with minor alterations. The result? I have some absolutely amazing pieces that fit me perfectly.

You can’t get this kind of experience online. Hands down, there is nothing like the sharp eye and expertise of a highly qualified sales associate.


5 thoughts on “How do you shop?

  1. On line shopping is becoming “the way to shop” for lots of consumers. There must be a certain excitement when your order arrives. Like you said many items come with specs, so you know what you’re getting. But when it comes to clothing, online shopping might not be the best way because of the sizing issues and hassle of returns. For clothing I like shopping in person, experiencing the personal care from a knowledgeable sales associate and leaving with items that fit.

  2. I have to agree. The only fashion exception might be if you’ve found an item – jeans, for example – that you know fit every time. Those you might order online. Thanks for the comment!

    • True, if you’ve bought the brand before you should be safe ordering the same size online. I still prefer the experience of having a sales associate help me out. I guess I’m old fashion.

  3. Haha, yes! There’s a certain enjoyment from online shopping. You know, selecting the item, hitting the “add to cart” button, checking out and finally having you items arrive, but having a real person work with me is better. I have a couple amazing Tory Burch sales associates and it has honestly lead me to overshop at the Tory boutiques. Costly…Yes, but worth every penny. OPPS I forgot, we don’t use pennies in Canada anymore, haha.

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