DIY Makeover

before and afterWe all love to watch makeovers on TV shows. Any fashionista will tell you how much they loved TLC’s What Not to Wear, although you don’t need to be a complete fashion disaster to consider a makeover.

Why not create your own makeover? Take your own before-and-after photos so you can see the difference.

Let’s start with fashion. The three most important things you should consider when choosing a wardrobe are: your lifestyle, your body type and your style personality.

  • Do a lifestyle analysis – where do you spend your time? Your wardrobe should woman-workout-run-gymproportionately represent your activities. Spend 70% of your time at work? Then 70% of your wardrobe should be work appropriate.



  • Check my post about how to understand your body type. There are easy tips to making the most of your shape. Choose only those styles that flatter your body type and learn how to accent your attributes.chicos beige sweater
  • Consider your style personality, also described in a previous post.  What you wear should match who you are as an individual.Knowing your style personality makes it easier for you to be bien dans votre peau.

Next, you’ll want to update your hair style. I had the chance to meet and speak with Ted Gibson, stylist on What Not to Wear. His advice is to change up your hairstyle. Nothing is more aging than having the same hairstyle for 10 years. Go short, go long, change colour – do something!

  • If you have a stylist you trust, ask him/her for advice on a new look.
  • Check outChoppy-Razor-Bob-Hair hairstyle magazines – there are plenty of them! The only caution is that many styles showcased are not easy to maintain, so bear that in mind.
  • If you see a hairstyle you’d like to try, ask the person who does their hair. It’s a wonderful compliment, and you’ll get access to a stylist who can successfully create the look.


Finally, your makeup is the finishing touch. Many of us learned how to apply makeup when we were teenagers and have never really strayed from that approach. Mature women have to wear more subtle looks than their younger counterparts.

  • Keep it natural. Gone are the days of wearing bright blue or green eyeshadow. Strong colours tend to settle into wrinkles, thereby making them look even bigger.mature_skin_makeup
  • Go easy on foundation. Liquid makeup can be heavy and create a pasty face. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. These tend to blend well, and many offer other benefits such as sunscreen.
  • Go easy on blush. Many mature women have rosacea or tiny webs of blood vessels on their cheeks. This already creates a reddish look, so there is no need to add a lot of blush. Instead, tone down the redness with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream and sweep on a light dusting of peach blush for a fresh look.

Experiment until you find the right combination. It’s a fun weekend activity that will get you ready to launch your new look come Monday morning!

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