What (else) makes you happy?

audrey hepburn

As you consider this question, many familiar themes will emerge: family, friends, good health… Yes, those things are certainly integral to a happy life.

If we stipulate the obvious, though, what else makes you happy? What makes your heart sing, gives you a lift, makes you walk a little taller?

For some, collecting exquisite fashion pieces, to wear and treasure, connects us to the heritage and glory of established brands. And, brands count on that connection to justify their astronomical prices! Of course the pieces are expertly made, of luxurious fabrics and fine finishings. But there’s something about the connection to the brand’s heritage.

I love history. Wandering through Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, I feel like a society lady cafe sfaof the 1940s or 50s, wishing I could pull off a fabulous hat and white gloves. I feel connected to a past I’ve never known. It’s not about purchasing high ticket items. Rather, it’s about feeling a part of an interesting time in history, which is why I always lunch at the restaurant on the 8th floor, just a society ladies did decades ago.

When we were in Paris, it was thrilling to step into 31 Rue Cambon. Not because it houses every luxurious Chanel item in the world, but because I imagined Coco herself wandering through the shop, checking the 31 rue cambonmerchandise and display, greeting customers and ensuring her high standards were met.

As a student of both fashion and history, what a thrill to walk through the shop where Coco spent her most famous days. I get lost in the connection between history and the luxuriousness of today. I bought a Chanel scarf – a modest purchase, but an exquisite ‘souvenir’ of my visit.

I view my wardrobe as a collection of the best clothing I can afford. I own a mix of high-low (with ‘low’ outnumbering the ‘high’ to be sure), but each piece is selected with care. I believe that we should feel confident every day, and what we wear is a big part of that.

I counsel women to do the same. If you’re interested, please click here for details on personal style consultations or my in-person or online course.

Here’s to whatever makes you happy in 2016!

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