Five ways to look thinner today

As we enter the third week of January, our enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions starts to wane. If weight loss is a goal for you, here are five easy ways to look thinner today, as you work toward your goals.

  • Wear the right hairstyle. Too-short hair or hair that’s too lonChoppy-Razor-Bob-Hairg and shapeless can both be fattening to your look. Sleek, edgy, styled hair can be slimming.
  •  Wear tailored clothes – baggy clothes just make you look bigger Bulky, drapey, shapeless clothes make you also look bulky and shapeless.
  •  Get clothes tailored. The corollary to the above, make sure your clneedle and threadothes fit you in the shoulders and sleeves. Bracelet length sleeves that are tapered (not wide) are very slimming.


  • Find or invent your waist. Draw in your narrowest point by buttoning a jacket or sweater, adding a belt, or simply by choosing clothes that are strucblack gingham DVFtured.
  • V-necks, scarves tied in a knot, necklaces – all elongate your silhouette and draw attention to your eyes.

These are surprisingly easy ways to look your best every day.

Good luck with your resolutions!

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