Product Review: Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care

Sometimes companies send me samples to try and write about. Sometimes I stumble on great products myself.

The latter is the case with Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care.Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care Loyal readers will recall an earlier product review of Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream in which the Canadian skincare company sent me a sample that first introduced me to Reversa.

Months later, I saw on Twitter that Reversa was promoting its new Anti-Redness cream and wanted to give it a try. Like many women of “a certain age” I was starting to experience rosacea. Those fine red spider lines had started appearing on my cheeks a few years ago, faintly at first. Wishing to reduce the appearance of redness, I purchased Reversa Anti Redness Soothing Care and gave it a try.

First, there are many ingredients in that work to address redness. The light green tint immediately serves to reduce the appearance of redness. If you’ve been into Sephora lately (or any other cosmetic store) you will see that colour correcting is a huge trend right now. It’s not just Reversa that recognizes the power of light green tint to reduce the appearance of redness.

Other key ingredients, such as quassia amara extract, which according to the Reversa website contains “antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. According to recent scientific studies, proliferation of parasitic mite Demodex folliculorum, normally present on human skin, would be one of the causes of rosacea.” (source:

Add in glycerin and vitamin B, but leave out paraben, perfume, oil, alcohol, PEG and silicone, and you have a luscious, rich cream that feels gorgeous on the skin.

Does it work?

Without Reversa Anti Redness

This is my “before” picture. See the redness and fine lines on my cheeks?

With Reversa Anti Redness

This is my “after” picture. Notice the redness is reduced. Both photos were taken in the same light, and no photoshopping has been done (just a little cropping to focus on the cheeks).

I am certainly not a scientist and have no basis for saying whether this categorically works for everyone. I can only tell you my own experience. After cleansing my skin in the morning, I pat on a very small amount over the red areas on my cheeks. I let it dry completely before applying anything else. My experience is that the green tint is just enough to reduce redness without making me look like Shrek (which some other products, unfortunately, have done in the past).

I’m a fan. And, affordably priced at just $35 Cdn, it’s easy to add to your skin care line-up. I regularly use Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care as part of my skin care regimen.

DISCLAIMER: I previously received a complimentary Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream free of charge from Reversa; however, I purchased my Anti-Redness Soothing Care cream and have not been compensated for this post.

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