Every woman needs a stylist

I believe every woman deserves the advice and objective eye of a personal stylist. Even famed stylist Stacy London has not one, but two, personal stylists.


As women we are often hypercritical of every flaw. Hips too broad, tummy too round, legs too short… the list can be endless. When we try on fashion, our eyes immediately go to those all-too-familiar insecurities. We focus on the parts of our bodies we don’t like. (And, by the way, studies show more than 80% of women have body issues).

Our eyes are drawn, not to how the outfit looks, but how well it camouflages a single body part – or several parts.

We can’t look objectively at the outfit in its entirety. We don’t think about questions like, does the outfit flatter my skintone? Is it appropriate for the event I’m attending? Is it age appropriate?

In an embarrassing example of irony, I’m a case study here.DSC_5887-2

Recently I attended my cousin’s wedding. I chose a floral print dress with a pink wrap. I like the dress because it makes me look thinner. Unfortunately, that was my sole focus as I chose the dress. I wasn’t looking at the overall effect. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a floral dress to a wedding. But the style of the dress, the print, the length, and the overall effect was very aging. I looked frumpy and old. For the record, this is me (right).

Because I was solely focused on my troubled body parts, I failed to take a more critical look at the overall outfit. I looked like the bride’s mother, not cousin.

A personal stylist, however, may not know your body insecurities, nor believe they’re quite as traumatic as you do. A personal stylist will take a more objective view and will give you a more honest, rounded opinion. They look at your body type (without focusing on particular parts), your skintone, your style personality (buttoned up, boho, sexy, outdoorsy…) in the context of the event you are dressing for. They will challenge you to try looks that you otherwise wouldn’t. They will help point out the advantages and disadvantages of various styles on you. This personalized attention, with an objective eye, is worth every penny.

If you are interested in a personal style consultation in Edmonton, click here. Or, try my e-course, designed to help you improve your personal brand.

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