The great shorts debate

Should mature women wear shorts? If so, what length, and how do we style them? Fear not, loyal readers, I offer the following for your consideration.

Shorts originated as an item of clothing for children. The expression, “put on your big boy pants” comes from the time when children graduated out of shorts and into trousers. It was a rite of passage that signaled being a grown up.teal purple skirt

I’m personally not a huge fan of women in shorts – but I realize I’m in the minority. I think a great skirt offers all the comfort and coolness of shorts, but with a more feminine silhouette. Certainly for mature women, skirts can take you all the places you need to go in the bermudas

If you like wearing shorts, there are some easy tips to style your look. In terms of length, shorts have run the gamut from ‘daisy dukes’ to bermudas, and everything in between. If you have great legs, a mid-thigh short can work well, especially if paired with a great blouse, beautiful sandals, and sunnies.

Bermudas are a dressy casual look that some workplaces accept for daytime. Style bermudas with a smart blazer and wedge heeled shoes for office, or sandals for leisure.

daisy dukesAlas, for mature women, the days of short-shorts and daisy dukes are in the past. Neither is appropriate for women past the age of 30.

Stay cool this summer in style.

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