Paris Jewellers launches S/S16

Yesterday I received a lovely information package from Paris Jewellers, showcasing their spring/summer 2016 lines. The company prides itself on offering accessible jewelry for all occasions, and their look book focuses on those special occasions in life.

Paris Jewelers two tone ring

Many women have the means to purchase their own fine jewelry –  gone are the days of waiting for a spouse or significant other to finally get the hints! Two pieces caught my eye as I was leafing through the look book. The first is a gorgeous “right hand ring” in two tone yellow and white gold. The sculptural design is elegant and fashion-forward. Affordably priced at $699, this ring makes a great gift or stunning piece to add to your jewelry collection. I really like unusual designs, and for me, this lovely ring is on point.

The second was a set of stackable rings – each sold separately – but truly delightful when stacked. Rings come in sapphire, ruby and emerald – mix and match or choose all the same. Well-priced at just $329 each, it is easy to choose two or three!

Paris Jewelers stackable rings


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