Advice to my younger self

Suntanning with baby oil in the 70s was a huge mistake – since my 30s I’ve woanti-wrinkle cream SPF 30_box and bottlern sunscreen on my face everyday. But in my teens I oil-roasted my skin recklessly. THE FIX: Use @reversa_canada Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Live for each day, don’t diet for tomorrow – I have spent my entire life on a diet. Moments when I did indulge were met with immediate guilt. Life’s too short. THE FIX: everything in moderation. Live for today.

Don’t worry so much what others think of you – I have also WASTED time worrying about what others thought of me. The truth is, we over estimate how much other people actually think about us. Dr. Phil says: If you truly knew how little time people spend thinking about you… THE FIX: Focus on being the best person possible and don’t worry about the haters.

st-john-knits-r16_lookbook_15_bFind yourself in order to find your style/don’t mindlessly follow the trends – it’s important to really understand who you are. Are you a frilly, lacy girly-girl? A practical, no fuss sporty girl? A quirky, funky boho girl? THE FIX: Understand your personal style and stick to that. Don’t mindlessly follow every trend.

Frumpy, dumpy is never in style – There comes a time in your life where you think you can no longer wear sexy, trendy clothes and you’re left only with stretchy pants and over-sized Ts. NO! THE FIX: There are age-appropriate styles for everyone.

Have fun. Don’t be afraid to live life on your own terms.

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