Let’s eliminate age shaming

Old. Mature. Mumsy.frumpy doll

These are often the words used to describe frumpy, unflattering fashion. These terms are prejudicial, however, since they imply that older women naturally gravitate to frumpy clothes. Like it’s actually an desirable option, or something that we purposefully search out.


Recent (modest) progress  has finally been made against fat shaming. It’s time to eliminate age shaming, too.

I don’t know of anyone who suddenly decides – “Oh, hurrah, I can finally wear frumpy, unattractive clothing that makes me look old and tired!”

Come on.

I was recently discussing fashion with a group of women this week, and some were describing the unfashionable offerings of a particular store as “mature,” or “old.” I took offence to this! What on earth equates age with a lack of style?!

Iris ApfelEver heard of Iris Apfel?

Age has nothing to do with whether or not a woman can pull a look together, or feel comfortable in her own skin. French women are incredibly chic and stylish from cradle to grave. So, no more age shaming.

I’ve seen bad style happen at every age – just go to your local mall.

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