Style comes from the inside

I’ve seen stylish women around North America and in Europe. Do they dress alike? Do they look alike? Follow the latest trends?

Nope.carolina herrera dots

What makes a woman stylish is her ability to hone in on who she is, and then express that through her wardrobe. Just like makeup can help express your personality, so too can your clothes. Goth, preppy, elegant, sporty… what makes you comfortable is who you really are.

I tend toward a romantic/elegant look. I like ruffles and lace, tailored clothes with interesting details and refined accessories. Although I admire the boho/festival look, there’s no way I can pull that off. It’s just not a reflection of who I am. And, if I try to wear those clothes, I look like I’m wearing a costume.

Similarly, we all know the quirky, artsy types that look miserable (and rightly so) in a buttoned-down suit. They need the free-flowing fashions that reflect their states of mind.

The point is that finding your style is not about the latest trends in the stores. It’s about understanding what really makes you tick and embracing that. It’s an outward expression of the person you are inside.

This may sound conceptual, but if you really consider what you like to do and what you like to wear, I think you’ll find your inner style.

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