Fall trends 2016

Fall trends 2016


In case you’re wondering what to shop for this fall – or maybe you want to revive some pieces in your wardrobe – here are just a few of the fall trends we’re seeing.

For mature women considering the choker necklace, I would suggest the gold chain instead of the lace or ribbon – the latter of which we first wore in the 1970s. The gold chain will be seen as a fresh update on this trend.

Velvet jackets should be worn with caution, fellow mature women. The thickness of the fabric can add unwanted bulk. If you want to dabble with this trend, try velvet trim on a handbag or shoes.

The lacey, romantic dress might be too much for most mature women to pull off. Instead, try this look in a blouse, paired with a pencil skirt. You can bring in the Elizabethan touches without feeling too young or girly.

Faux fur is the politically correct fashion statement this fall. Of course, if you own real fur, see about having its shape updated. Again, for those who wish to experiment, try a faux or real fur collar added to a sweater.

Stay warm!

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