Transitions in life

The other day, I helped a client who is moving from full-time employment to retirement. It’s a life-changing time, and part of it involves transitioning your wardrobe.

This made me think that, every day, there are women who are facing the same challenge.

Here are some tips to think about if you are changing your lifestyle. You don’t need to throw out all your work suits and buy an entire new wardrobe.

  • Choose a few blazers to wear with jeans or casual pants.Marc Cain navy blazer
  • Pair skirts with casual blouses or t-shirts as a way to keep cool in summer. I prefer skirts and dresses to shorts in the summer.
  • Keep a couple of high heeled shoes, but slowly change over to lower heeled wedges and sandals, and lots of ballerina flats and smoking slippers. You’ll need a solid pair of winter boots – and you may want booties with lower heels.
  • Pare down your handbag collection to smart, versatile options. Great basics are a structured handbag, a cross-body bag and an evening clutch.
  • LV Genuiine speedy handbagTry tunics with leggings. I know many mature women say they’re not comfortable in leggings, but they have improved over the years. Look for a heavier fabric if you feel “naked.” And, make sure the tunic hits at least your mid-thigh. Pair this look with ballerina flats or booties in the winter.
  • Choose a colour palette that works with your skin and add pieces over time. This will help you mix and match and greater wear out of your wardrobe.
  • Don’t neglect outerwear. You’ll probably need to keep a dress coat, but you should have a range of casual coats to fit all seasons. A rain jacket, a fleece-lined jacket for spring and fall, and a good winter coat are essentials.

And, my last piece of advice – change your hairstyle. Nothing ages uhelen-mirrens more than wearing the same hairstyle for years. Retirement is like a fresh start, so take advantage of this time to update your look.

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