Designer Lennard Taylor impresses


Designer-artist Lennard Taylor works his magic for the PARK Show crowd

On March 4th, I attended the PARK Fashion Show in Edmonton. Featured were seven designers – most from Edmonton – all Canadian, showing innovative and forward looking design. A show favourite was Lennard Taylor, a Winnipeg designer and artist who combines his extraordinary talents to make one-of-a-kind pieces.

At the start of his show, he brought out a drop cloth, and a model, wearing Taylor’s signature “Brenda” swing shirt, stood while Taylor created a hand-painted design for the crowd.

While Taylor painted, models wearing the other pieces in his line walked the runway. At the end of his collection, he finished his hand-painted design and the model strutted to thundering applause.

It was a combination of fashion show and art installation.

And it was brilliant.

I spoke to Taylor after the show and he related how he brings an artist’s eye to his clothing line. He also believes strongly in quality and durability. For his hand-painted pieces, which can fade with washes over time,he says customers can send the pieces back to him and he’ll touch them up.

The line is beautifully made and finished. Quality fabrics, tailoring and details mean the customer  can enjoy her purchases for years.


The finished piece on the runway

See the collection

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