Why I love Paige denim

Paige skyline

Paige Skyline

Next to swimsuits, shopping for jeans is the ultimate torture test. Ugh. What should be our go-to casual pant becomes our worst shopping nightmare. Nothing fits. Denim is too heavy. Bags at the waist, pinches at the hip – or vice versa.

Well, fear no more, gentle readers.

Last year I discovered Paige denim. It’s a lightweight, silky-soft line in various cuts that wears (and feels) like heaven.

The secret is the Transcend® fabric that combines cotton, rayon, polyester and Spandex® for a fit that molds to your body and, best of all, maintains its shape. I find this especially fantastic, even after washing.

How many of you have purchased jeans with stretch (yay!) only to find they’ve stretched out by mid-afternoon, creating lumps of fabric in odd places? So disappointing! I was wearing a brand that inevitably stretched out so much I had to keep hiking them up. No more.

Paige denim comes in a full range of styles, cuts and rises so that you can pick your favourites. I like Verdugo (great with boots) and Skyline (fabulous with heels).

Paige Verdugo

Paige Verdugo skinny

The price point might be a little high, but look for sales or shop off-price stores like Nordstrom Rack.




NOTE: this review reflects my personal opinion. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

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