5 things to do today

Sonia Rykiel SS 18 2

Loyal readers will have noticed it’s been a while since my last post. I took some personal time to deal with a hectic schedule and some health issues.

But I’m back and ready to talk about style for mature women.

I was recently asked about things that women can do to refresh their style. It’s a great question, because no matter how much attention we pay to our style, many women wonder if they’re keeping pace.


The best thing you can do is understand your style personality. What looks best reflect who you are and what you like? Boho chic? Elegant simplicity? Sporty natural?

So long as your look is consistent with who you are, you’re all right.

But for those looking to add a little oomph to their style, here are five things you can do right away

  1. Start with your hair. Hairstylist Ted Gibson (formerly of “What Not to Wear”) says changing your hair regularly is the best way to maintain a youthful look. I met him in New York a few years ago, and he says that any woman still sporting the same hairstyle for the past 10 years will inevitably look older and out of style.
  2. Add trendy items as accents. Let’s face it. Trends are for 20-somethings. I don’t know many 50+ women who are prepared to rock thigh-high stiletto boots and mini skirt. But how do you incorporate trends in an appropriate way? Look at colours, prints and fabrics as ways to bring in the hottest trends. For example, if animal prints are hot for fall (and they are), think about a scarf or a great pair of shoes.
  3. Quality over quantity. Choose quality pieces over cheapy of-the-moment fashion. Fabric, construction and tailoring ALWAYS matters and quality will always be in style. The difference between looking polished and looking schlubby is often the quality of the item.
  4. Go easy on make-up. As we get older, a natural look is fresher than heavy foundation and lots of eye shadow. Try tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Use neutral tones on lids. Keep a light hand – a little goes a long way. Pay attention to trends: for example, eyeliner on bottom lids is out and continuing its use can be aging.
  5. Dress appropriately to the occasion. Be mindful of dress requirements when you attend events. If you’re going casual, keep one piece a little more formal, such as pairing jeans with an unstructured blazer. If you’re going formal, go easy on the bling. Better to wear one really great statement piece to complement your look.

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