A peek inside my closet

before and afterWith Marie Kondo inspiring people world-wide, many are tackling their “tidying” tasks. And while getting rid of things that don’t spark joy is a good thing, what to do with the ones that do?

There have been many closet organization articles – nay, books – written on the subject. Over the years I have tried a few, including my seasonal closet flip where I banish off-season clothes to another space.

I still felt angst. Something wasn’t right. Just lumping all my fall-winter clothes into a closet still seemed disorganized. I have been a fan of putting the things you wear back on the right side of the closet, so you can see the stuff on left side is things you never wear.

But that leads to a bit of a jumble.

Enter my new closet organization solution.

I have organized first by item type (pants, jackets, skirts, tops, dresses) and then grouped them by colour, regardless if they’re winter or summer clothes. This last bit is where the madness comes in.

Cats and dogs living together?! Mon dieu!

Here’s my thinking. Perhaps something I normally wear in summer can provide a pop of colour to an otherwise dark winter outfit. Or, with arctic-level air conditioning in summer, a warm sweater on top of a light dress can be just right.

Revolutionary. Well, at least for me.

my closet jan 26 2019

Yes, this is an Ikea Pax wardrobe.

Here’s what my closet looks like now, well at least my jackets and pants. (Dresses, skirts, blouses and cardigans are in the next wardrobe over. Sweaters, jeans are in the baskets below. T-shirts and tops are folded in a dresser.) I have aligned my colours vertically so that it’s easy to see thepants and jackets that go together.

I learned many things:

  • I have far too many black/black patterned jackets.
  • Despite seasons of searching, I still don’t have a red jacket.
  • My wardrobe is mostly black/green/brown, with a little blue and wine mixed in and whites for summer. Huh. Who knew?

When putting together an outfit, you should always start with a base item – and now my base pieces are colour-coordinated. I feel like it will be easier to pull outfits now since I can start with a base, choose a coordinating piece and then add a pop of colour.

This works for me. What works for you?

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