Stylish fashion for mature women

I recently came upon The Bias Cut an online store based in the UK that features stylish fashion for mature women that’s neither frumpy nor mumsy.

The accessibly-priced clothes are cut to fit a woman’s body and range in sizes from UK 8-16 (US 2-12) in most pieces, although some go to UK 22 (US 16). The site’s founder is on a mission to offer a greater size range and is working with brands to encourage them to be more inclusive.

What I love about the Bias Cut is its mission to ensure that ageism is addressed by designers and shops.

Ageism is never in style

The Bias Cut sells these buttons as part of a movement against ageism

From tokenism in campaigns, to patronising and offensive language, to frumpy and dreary styles, the Fashion Industry refuses to fully acknowledge the damaging and insulting message it perpetuates. 

So it’s time to come together and take a stance. Once and for all.

–The Bias Cut website

So what about the fashion?

I ordered a lovely bronze knit top to see the quality and fit, and was not disappointed. The fabric and finishing is high quality and the price-points are accessible. And, yes, they do ship internationally. All clothing on the site is modelled by “real women” (not professional models).

Bias Cut narelle_dress_front_grande

Narelle dress £158

Bias Cut nathalie_vleeschouwer_blue_mini_dress_grande

Martina Tunic dress on sale for £42



Why I love Paige denim

Paige skyline

Paige Skyline

Next to swimsuits, shopping for jeans is the ultimate torture test. Ugh. What should be our go-to casual pant becomes our worst shopping nightmare. Nothing fits. Denim is too heavy. Bags at the waist, pinches at the hip – or vice versa.

Well, fear no more, gentle readers.

Last year I discovered Paige denim. It’s a lightweight, silky-soft line in various cuts that wears (and feels) like heaven.

The secret is the Transcend® fabric that combines cotton, rayon, polyester and Spandex® for a fit that molds to your body and, best of all, maintains its shape. I find this especially fantastic, even after washing.

How many of you have purchased jeans with stretch (yay!) only to find they’ve stretched out by mid-afternoon, creating lumps of fabric in odd places? So disappointing! I was wearing a brand that inevitably stretched out so much I had to keep hiking them up. No more.

Paige denim comes in a full range of styles, cuts and rises so that you can pick your favourites. I like Verdugo (great with boots) and Skyline (fabulous with heels).

Paige Verdugo

Paige Verdugo skinny

The price point might be a little high, but look for sales or shop off-price stores like Nordstrom Rack.




NOTE: this review reflects my personal opinion. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.