Summer style

Summer is here, the heat’s on. Strolling through the shops, you see “shorts suits,” short shorts and rompers (yes, the same thing a toddler wears). Are these for you?

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French women believe that no one over the age of 12 should be seen in shorts. Their sense of je ne sais quoi style is spot on, no matter what the magazines and shops are showing.

Because they’re right.

As mature women, the easiest way to look stylish and stay cool is to wear a dress or blouse and skirt. There are lots of really cute summer dresses out there that work for day or evening, and transition well with the addition of a blazer for day and hot accessories for night.

Maxi dresses are surprisingly cool and are on trend this season.

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There are lots of trendy, stylish choices that are both cool and age-appropriate to get you through the summer with panache.


Ode to a dress

When considering options, nothing compares to the style and comfort of a dress. Dresses come complete. Top and bottom, perfectly cut, matched and coordinated. Dresses always look more chic than anything else a woman can wear (in public). Dresses are cool when it’s hot. And, with tights, dresses are comfy when it’s chilly.


Dresses hide a multitude of issues. Tuck a tummy, hide your hips, lengthen your legs. Dresses are appropriate for work, play, special occasion, picnics, dances… Dresses are flexible – worn with a jacket for day, a wrap for evening.

A dress with pearls is sophisticated. A dress with a wooden bead necklace is bohemian. Blingy costume jewelry adds sparkle.

Ballet flats or stilettos, boots or booties. Ah, a dress. Is there anything it can’t do? Tomorrow, slip into a dress and see how it instantly makes you feel better.