The French Girl Style Myth

eiffel tower

The world is fascinated by French girl style. After all, who could possibly be more chic? I, myself, have read many books and articles proclaiming to decode French girl style. Why is it so mysterious and perfect at the same time?

It wasn’t until I was actually in Paris a couple of years ago that I experienced French girl style for myself. Eager to learn their style secrets, I spent much time observing French girls in their native habitat: strolling in Le Marais district, in cafes on the left bank, in quiet streets off the Champs Elysee, relaxing at the beach-like ponds in Les Tuilleries (although many of the folks in this pic are likely tourists like we were…)Tuileries_Garden_pond_chairs

What did I learn?

Some French girl style facts are true: most don’t wear makeup, most don’t have perfectly coiffed hair, most wear a lot of black. They smoke too much and I never saw anyone jogging.

But there truly isn’t a style formula that one can emulate. Why? Because the biggest differentiator is French girl attitude.

There’s a playful mix of bold confidence and seductive sexiness that are the main factors that define French girl style. They aren’t obsessing about that last 5 pounds to lose, or whether red shoes with a green trench coat is the right thing. They’re confident enough about themselves, their bodies and their looks not to care what others think. It’s just that simple.

Their just-tumbled-out-of-bed hair and no makeup look suggests they’re more concerned with living life on their own terms. It says the French girl has more important things to do than spend an hour a day in front of the mirror.

If you don’t like her red shoes and green trench, then clearly, it’s because you’re out of touch. That’s her confidence shining through, where we mere mortals might be stressing about what others think.

So instead of trying to perfect French girl style, why not be your most perfect you? That starts from the inside, with confidence and a peu d’importance (of little significance) attitude.

Wear clothes that give you confidence, make you comfortable and express your inner fierceness. Own it. There’s a saying that goes, “people wouldn’t care so much what others think about them if they realized how rarely they do.”

So, be bold, be strong, be resilient.

Wear what makes you happy.


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