Style and Personal Branding


Personal Branding Course

woman presentingSuccessful people know that style and substance go hand in hand. Be seen and heard with this two-hour workshop or five day e-course designed to improve your overall image and presentation.

No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, the next rung will be closer with the image and communication advice offered through Brand U. Be more confident at your next executive presentation. Succeed in that interview for your dream job. Be promotable.

After all, being polished  and presenting yourself with good manners and confidence never goes out of style.

There are two ways to participate; simply choose the one that works for you:

Workshop: Invest two hours in your personal development and that of your staff. The workshop includes all materials and on-site presentation to you or your team. Personal style advice and presentation coaching is also included. Group discount for three or more participants.

Five modules. $149. What do you have to lose?

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 One on One Coaching

ladies wear edit

I can provide one on one coaching that includes a mix of any or all of the above services. As a public relations professional and corporate event planner for 30+ years, I can also provide etiquette advice for business and social events. Which fork? Is that my water glass? I can help you be smoother and more confident at your next event.

  • Personal image and branding
  • Media relations and presentation coaching
  • Resumes and job interviewing techniques
  • Etiquette for business and social events

Book by clicking on “contact” above. $75/hour