Add a pop of colour for spring


You see this advice all the time – just add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Sounds easy, right?

Except that some of you are colour-phobic; wearing only black (or some other neutral) from head to toe. How does the “I-only-wear-one-colour” person start to bring in brighter shades?

Well, good news. Spring is the best time to do this. Shops are simply bursting with the fresh-squeezed shades of spring/summer. Here are some simple tips to add a pop of colour to your outfit:

  • Choose a brightly coloured bag. This season, most designers have added bright orange, lime green, hot pink and the bold primary colours of red, blue and yellow. No, it doesn’t have to match your shoes or belt.
  • A sassy scarf can easily brighten any outfit by adding a splash of colour right next to your face. This is particularly helpful for mature women who normally favour black. Black against delicate facial skin is very aging, so a scarf is a great answer.
  • I’m loving the cute and colourful shoes for spring! And, bonus, ballet flats are big this year and bursting with the colours of the rainbow. Shoes are also incorporating patterns, such as florals and graphics. Shoes make any outfit, so be bold.
  • Pastels are also big for spring. Look for soft lilac, warm blush, baby pink, mint green and delicate peach. Pair pastels with the jewel-tone version of the same colour for extra punch.

Have fun!


Radiant orchid and other colourful expressions


It’s been in ALL the news. Radiant orchid is the new “it” colour.

But where is it in stores?

The problem with Pantone creating a stir each year with its self-proclaimed “colour of the year” is that there is no relation between its choices and fashion industry. Typically, colour trends in fashion are selected 2-3 years out. Fabric designers have to create the textiles, fashion designers have to select the fabrics and factories have to turn them into clothes. The whole process takes a while, and so when Pantone procliams a colour of the year, it’s years after the fashion industry has made its selections.

That’s why you’ll see fast fashion, cosmetics, nail polish and accessories hustling to play catch-up. And why you won’t find any radiant orchid fashions in designer labels any time soon.

Given the mixed reactions people seem to have to radiant orchid, it’s probably for the best. If you want to incorporate this colour into your wardrobe, choose inexpensive ways to do so – nail polish, earrings or a bracelet. That way you won’t have invested heavily in a colour that doesn’t have any staying power. After all, it’s mere months until Pantone announces its next colour of the year.