Hard as nails

By now you know that my husband and I are working with a personal trainer three mornings a week. On Friday, my session consisted of some cardio and boxing. This is all good and well except:

  • I didn’t know we were going to box
  • I had painted my nails the night before in preparation for an evening out on Friday night

Rats! Oh well, I thought, I can always re-do my nails on my lunchbreak, I guess. I donned the boxing gloves and happily hit the pads held by my trainer, Juan. (He says I throw a pretty good punch, by the way. Consider yourselves warned.)


(That’s me on the right…hey, don’t judge, it’s 6:30 in the morning!)

It’s actually a fun (and stress-relieving) workout, I highly recommend it. Now, back to my nails. I was sure there would be chips and chunks of polish missing.

Nope. See for yourself.


No chips. No broken nails. No problems. I was impressed! Thanks to Kate Spade New York (in rose), Sally Hansen (gold glitter and topcoat) for helping me discover that I can box in the morning and head out on the town in the evening.

(Disclaimer: I bought all the nail products myself. This is not a sponsored post. However, if folks from Kate Spade and Sally Hansen are reading this, well…please feel free to send me samples!)


The skinny on fashion

As a confessed shopaholic, I love looking at designer fashion. In person, online, in magazines… wherever it can be found.

As a mature woman, I may have packed on a little extra around the middle these past few years. Ahem. When I look at designer clothes, I see that they’re really designed for a size 6-8 – smaller if you can, but not larger than 8.

As someone who floats between and 10 and 12, many designer dresses aren’t available to me. And, in designer sizes, the measurements are smaller than store brands, so a Burberry 8 is like a 4. I have two choices, either give up on designer fashion, or lose the girth. I’ve chosen the latter. After all, who can give up on dreams of owning Oscar de la Renta or Chanel some day?? Pfft. Don’t even think about it.

Over the past four months, hubby and I have been working out with a personal trainer. Results are coming and I’m excited to see if I can reach my goal of a size 6-8 by next summer. It’s hard work, but I feel stronger and healthier.

Certainly it’s easier to pack on the pounds than get them off, especially as you age. But, under the move-it-or-lose-it theory, I’m finding I have the strength and endurance to do things today I couldn’t do six months ago.

It can only get better from here.