Stylish fashion for mature women

I recently came upon The Bias Cut an online store based in the UK that features stylish fashion for mature women that’s neither frumpy nor mumsy.

The accessibly-priced clothes are cut to fit a woman’s body and range in sizes from UK 8-16 (US 2-12) in most pieces, although some go to UK 22 (US 16). The site’s founder is on a mission to offer a greater size range and is working with brands to encourage them to be more inclusive.

What I love about the Bias Cut is its mission to ensure that ageism is addressed by designers and shops.

Ageism is never in style

The Bias Cut sells these buttons as part of a movement against ageism

From tokenism in campaigns, to patronising and offensive language, to frumpy and dreary styles, the Fashion Industry refuses to fully acknowledge the damaging and insulting message it perpetuates. 

So it’s time to come together and take a stance. Once and for all.

–The Bias Cut website

So what about the fashion?

I ordered a lovely bronze knit top to see the quality and fit, and was not disappointed. The fabric and finishing is high quality and the price-points are accessible. And, yes, they do ship internationally. All clothing on the site is modelled by “real women” (not professional models).

Bias Cut narelle_dress_front_grande

Narelle dress £158

Bias Cut nathalie_vleeschouwer_blue_mini_dress_grande

Martina Tunic dress on sale for £42



Put your hand up


Thumbing through the March issue of Marie Claire magazine (hey, I’m a little behind in my reading!) I came across the “Editor’s Note” column – the regular musings of editor Anne Fulenwider. At the bottom, she invited readers to give her feedback on Marie Claire.

So I did.

Now, I don’t really expect to hear back from her or her staff. But I wanted to at least send the message about the needs of mature women.

Marie Claire is a great magazine, and I love it because it has a super range of departments (Marie Claire @work, Marie Claire @play, 101 ideas and more). The magazine also includes a regular column by Nicolette Mason called, “Big Girl in a Skinny World.”

Although I am not plus-sized, I do feel an affinity for these women. You see, mature women, just like plus-sized women, are routinely ignored by the fashion industry. We are the outsiders – the ones who don’t fit the 22-year old, size 0 mold. Yet, we are the majority.

There are more baby boomers (still) in the population than any other age co-hort – Gen X, Gen Y, Millenial.

Ah, but it seems – according to the fashion industry – that we’re past our best before date.

So, I’ve asked Marie Claire to consider adding a column to their magazine to address the needs of mature women, aged 45+. After all, we’re way more likely to actually afford the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that decorate the pages of the magazine.

We’ll see what happens.