New Year’s Style Resolutions

Resolution: (rez-so-lu-shun) n. You got this.

We all make resolutions at this time year. Some are overly ambitious, some are incredibly obvious. Some we keep; most we don’t.

I’d like to give you a short list of fashion resolutions I hope you’ll be able to keep in 2018. These tips will help you stay stylish and comfortable throughout the year.

Resolution 1 – Leggings are not pantsleggings as pants

This has nothing to do with body shape or size and everything to do with the realities of what clothes are intended to do. If you’re wearing leggings, you *must* wear a top that hits about mid-thigh to cover your “swimsuit parts.”

Resolution 2 – Yoga pants are not appropriate for work

Unless you’re a yoga instructor, please leave the yoga pants at home. These stretchy pants are super-comfy, but just like your fuzzy slippers, have no place in a work environment.

Resolution 3 – No flip flops at work

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing $500 designer, bling-encrusted flip flops, unless you’re a lifeguard there’s no place for these at work.

Resolution 4 – Easy on makeup mature_skin_makeup

Makeup trends come and go as quickly as fast fashion, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow every trend. If you’re over 35, consider dialling down the cosmetics. Use tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation. Use neutral browns on your eyelids, and use eyeliner on top lid only. For daytime, less is always more.

Resolution 5 – Things should *go together* not match

This is one of the hardest rules for people to get since we often feel more comfortable knowing our outfits *match.* However, stylish women know that pieces should go together, using complimentary colours, mixing large-scale and small-scale prints, and adding a pop of colour through an interesting handbag. Unless you’re trying to pull off the elegant monochromatic look, everything else should coordinate, not match.

Resolution 6 – Shoes are everythingchristianlouboutin-militante-3151010_bk01_1_1200x1200_1434712192

…and not just because we love ‘em. Your shoes make your outfit. If your shoes are too casual, they will drag your outfit down. In addition to the no flip flop rule, keep athletic shoes and UGGs out of the workplace. Make sure your footwear is clean and in good repair.

Resolution 7 – Plan your outfit the night before

Let’s face it. Half-asleep in the dark is no way to choose what to wear. Instead, think about what your day will bring and plan your clothes accordingly. Think about shoes (flats or heels?), warmth, and any special considerations, such as meeting a new client or making a big presentation. You also have lots of time to check that your clothes are clean and in good repair. If something’s not, deal with the issue and choose something else.

Most importantly, resolve to be the best possible you. Be gentle with yourself and have a great year!


New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

It’s that time of year when people make, and (briefly) keep, New Year’s Resolutions. Courtesy of the fine folks at The Body Shop, here are some beauty resolutions to consider:

Resolution #1:  Start to take care of your skin… really.

Many of us “dabble” with skincare, but with more and more environmental factors affecting us, it’s time to take skincare seriously.  No more “raccoon eyes” when you wake up. No more quick splashes of water as you run out the door.  Find a skincare regime that works for you.  The first step is to discover what kind of skin you have.  Visit The Body Shop for a free Skincare consultation in store, or find your perfect skincare regime online at www.thebodyshop.com.You’ll feel and see the benefits, and your future self will thank you for being smart with your skin.

Resolution #2:  Find a beauty best friend – for life.

The more beauty trends come and go, the more profile natural ingredients get for their established and effective approach to skincare.  Just think about how many jars of unused skincare products haunt you from the back of your bathroom vanity.  The latest “miracle wrinkle cure” may have seemed great at the time, but in reality, it didn’t fit the bill.  A safe bet for 2013:  choose products with ingredients that have been time-tested and nature-approved.  The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth ($36) is a great example.  It’s certified organic and also uses Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil, renowned for centuries for its intensive moisturizing properties.

 Resolution #3:  Moisturize.  Moisturize.  Moisturize. 

Let’s face it – winter is here.  Now’s the time for moisture to become your best friend.  Dry, itchy skin can be uncomfortable and if not treated with care, will only get worse as the winter wears on… and on… and on.  Try The Body Shop Shea collection and say “bye-bye” to dryness with a moisture-filled approach to body care. Creamy Shea Shower Cream ($8), indulgent Shea Body Butter ($19) andexfoliating Shea Body Scrub ($19) all work to drench winter-weary skin with moisture and help you get your glow on.

Resolution #4:  Chocolate! Wear it, love it, but don’t eat it!

Your new year diet may dictate that you lay off the chocolate, but there’s no reason why you can’t smooth it on instead!  The Body Shop Chocomania range, including Chocomania Body Butter ($19), smells divine and goes on silky smooth for extra long-lasting moisturizing benefits and a healthy feel all around.

 Resolution #5:  Fruits and veggies are your friends

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools to lift our mood and our outlook.  Breathe in a little therapy with The Body Shop body care products featuring fabulous fruity flavours like Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry.  Even in the dead of winter, the fresh fragrances bring brightness to your bath and body ritual. Try these fragrances in our Shower Gel ($8) format; it’s like a bit of sunshine in the shower.

Resolution #6:  Start fresh

January is a time for new beginnings.  A time to de-clutter and organize your life.  Start with your make-up bag.  Get rid of those “fun” shades that you only wore once (or maybe never), and instead of just buying more, buy smart.  Try new all-in-one products like The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream ($20) that combines a moisturizer and foundation.  Pigment-filled capsules transform for an even finish that suits your skin tone, and 24-hour hydration keeps you looking fresh.  Now that’s smart!

 Resolution #7:  Turn winter blahs into ooohs and aaahhhs

Winter blahs can make you want to hide under a blanket and escape from the world.  This year, face them head on by embracing winter and finding a new look to add some sass to the season.  It’s amazing how we all get stuck in make-up ruts, and how a small change in colour or technique can brighten your look and your world.  Come into The Body Shop for a free make-over and let their make-up artists share the latest tips and tricks.  You’ll blast those blahs into ooohs and aaahhs in no time flat!

Resolution #8:  Know when it’s time to say “goodbye”

Make-up doesn’t last forever and as much as we all hate to throw things out… there comes a time to say goodbye.  The new year is a great time to sort through your make-up collection and discard any “questionable” items.  Mascara is the big one – it should be replaced every three months to avoid eye infections and ensure bright-eyed beauty.

 Resolution #9:  Look Spa Fit… every day.

Exercise is the key to a healthy mind and body.  You can also give your body an extra boost with New Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Massager ($20) from The Body Shop. A pure pleasure to use, this new Gel-Cream is enriched with 100% natural-origin active ingredients like citrus and caffeine.  Combined with its exclusive built-in spa-massager for extra toning action, it’s like getting all the firming and toning power of a trip to the spa in just minutes. The entire Spa Fit collection will make you feel great and will give you a “leg up” at the gym.

Resolution #10:  Make the world a better place!

We all want to do our part to help others whenever we can. Through Community Fair Trade, The Body Shop is committed to trading fairly with suppliers and seeking out the finest quality raw ingredients available from the four corners of the globe, to offer the very best in product composition.  We harness the skills of artisan farmers and add our expertise to create effective products that are wonderful to use. What started at The Body Shop in 1987 is stronger than ever, positively impacting the lives of 300,000 people around the world, every year.  Stop by The Body Shop and see how your purchase can make you feel great – inside and out.

When the festive kissing is over, take some time to renew your mind, body and spirit for the year ahead.  Whether you’re looking to enhance your daily routine or embrace a totally new approach, The Body Shop can help you face 2013 with a fresh new outlook.  Drop by the stores or check it all out online at www.thebodyshop.com.