Make your skin glow

face wash with waterThere are thousands of skin care products on the market, ranging from a few dollars to nearly $1000.  Does price guarantee results? It’s an interesting question.

I have used several brands over the years. I was recently on a web discussion board, where women were discussing their skin care regimens.

I scrolled through the posts and realized that most women use modestly-priced products. Neutragena soaps/cleansers appeared frequently. Many like Estee Lauder’s Night Repair Serum Complex II, Clarins, Olay and La Roche Posay. Interestingly, no one mentioned La Mer or La Prairie – which are the $300+ skin care products.

Since everyone is looking for something different from their skincare, you need understand what skin conditions you are trying to address or prevent.

(BTW my hands-down favourite skin care product is Coppertone SPF 30 or higher. So be sure to include sunscreen as part of your skincare routine.)anti-wrinkle cream SPF 30_box and bottle

Here are some products that I have used and personally found good results:

Reversa combines anti-aging SPF with glycolic acid. Great for daytime.

Caudalie productsCaudalie offers a luxurious line of natural skin care, centred around the benefits of resveratrol.

La Roche Posay has a great daytime lotion that includes SPF.

Avene Physiolift Wrinkle Filler really works to reduce the appearance of lines. Test it on your “elevens” the vertical lines most people have between their eyebrows.physiolift-precision-wrinkle-filler

Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum has a great reputation and glides on silky smooth.

What are your favourtie skin care products?


Marcelle does it again!

A while back I was given samples of some new Marcelle products to try. Quite coincidentally, I’ve been searching around for some new skin care products, so this opportunity came at a great time.

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel – A+


I love, love, love this product! Recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) as part of the skin health program, this Cleansing Gel is by far the best cleanser I have ever used – and that includes those pricey ‘department store’ brands.

When you first smooth it on, you’ll notice how soft and gentle it is; yet it is strong enough to remove mascara and all your cosmetics. Once you’ve rinsed and patted dry your skin, the next thing you’ll notice is how silky your skin feels, even before applying any moisturizer. Gone are the days when you had to rush to put on skin cream to avoid that tight, uncomfortable feeling! The Cleansing Gel is formulated with aloe vera, glycerin and glyceryl oleate for outstanding hydration. Moreover, the CDA’s seal gives me comfort that this is good for my skin.

Marcelle once again proves that quality skincare is available at an affordable price. At just $12.95 for 350ml, this cleansing gel is a treat. I highly recommend it and have told all my friends about it!

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner – A


A nifty little eyeliner, I found this to be easy to use. Its soft crayon tip provides ample colour coverage without pulling or having to press hard. The other end features a neat little smudging foam tip to help create a really super smoky eye. Again, at $10.95, it’s a great price point for a quality product.

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen – B


This eyebrow pen resembles the functionality of a felt pen. I like the concept and was pleased that, unlike a felt pen, you are able to wipe away ‘mistakes’ quite easily before the product dries. I will admit that I struggled a bit with the pen. I found times when it didn’t appear that any product was being applied. And, just like a felt pen, you have to practice with the angled tip to get the application just right. Reasonably priced at $13.95, I will give it a “B” rating because I like the idea of it. Try it if you’re handier with a felt pen than I am.


(DISCLOSURE: Products were generously provided free of charge by Marcelle. There is no compensation provided for this review.)