It’s in the bag

What’s in the bag? Apparently, everything.

Fall 2017 is going to see the emergence of super large handbags and totes. I mean, pack-your-furniture-in-a-bag large.

tory-burch_4 2017

This is a beautiful Tory Burch bag, and is certainly on-trend with the ultra-large bags for fall. As with all trends, though, a question you need to ask yourself is, “is this trend for me?”

One of the best things you should know is your style personality. This extra-large bag trend works well for Dramatics and Creatives. Those who are Elegants, Traditionals (although the check pattern is a fit), or Romantics will have a tough time making this trend fit their true styles. And, for sporty Naturals, this tote only works if it’s used for sporting goods!

Even if this size of bag works for you, you’ll need to find one in the colour and pattern that fits your style. While I personally love the rich texture and pattern of this handbag, the hounds-tooth might be too traditional for Creatives, for example. I do encourage you to think outside the black handbag. Consider luxe fall colours so the bag complements your wardrobe.

If you do choose a super large bag this fall, be sure not to stuff it full, or it will be very heavy to carry. Also, stuffed bags don’t look as nice as bags with some room. Finally, when you open your bag, nothing should spill out.

Have fun with your fall selections, but remember to stay true to your personal style so that you are comfortable wearing your clothes and handbags often!




Effortless style

Reading fashion magazines, listening to Nina Garcia or Diane von Furstenberg, “effortless style” is the most desired state to achieve. It is hailed as perfection.

But, exactly what is “effortless style.”

If you are thinking about it from pure semantics, “effortless” means without effort. In the context of fashion, it means looking pulled together and chic without looking like you tried to hard. While this advice may be clear to fashion insiders, interpreting it for the every day can be confusing.

I believe effortless style is about ensuring each element of your look is simply and stands on its own without a lot of embellishment. Let’s take a look at this, from head to toe.

anne hathawayHAIR

Soft, easy styles that don’t need a shellac of hairspray to hold in place. For many French women, for example, this means a chic bob or mid-length hair, loosely styled with movement and shine.


The natural, no-makeup look is polished and clean. Too much foundation, heavy eyeshadow or liner, or bright lips (or, worse, all of this together!) is overdone. Not effortless. Anne Hathaway, right, shows what this total look is all about.

Marc Cain navy blazerWAIST UP FASHION

Tops and blouses should fit easily, with shoulder seams in line with shoulders, buttons done up without pulling or stretching the fabric, and sleeves that hit at the wrist. Jackets should be able to button easily, be fitted through the sleeves, and suit your silhouette.


Trousers and skirts should accent the silhouette. Knowing your body type is critical to choosing lines that make the most of your shape. Skinny pants on women with wide hips just make your hips look bigger. Women with tummy bulges should never wear pleats. Always go for clean lines.


Some women feel naked without earrings (I’ll admit, I do). Tiny earrings paired with a statement necklace can work, but large or dangly earrings with a statement necklace is too much. Add a cuff bracelet and a large watch, and now you’re way beyond “effortless.” Also consider your nail polish in your total look. Go for balance, and use a light touch.


I have said this before, but shoes make the outfit. Jeans with athletic shoes look very christianlouboutin-militante-3151010_bk01_1_1200x1200_1434712192casual and should only be worn outside of work. Those same jeans with high heels and a blazer are acceptable in most workplaces. Pumps are dressier than sandals or open toes. I actually own these Louboutins, at right.


Here’s how you can shine with effortless style. Either of these looks show a polished work look, with options for accessories – you may not want to wear them all, but there some choices to consider. Simple is best.


pink and greenpulled-together