How do you shop?

Shopping bag

It seems that online shopping is definitely gaining in popularity, especially since many items can easily be purchased without having to personally experience them. Take electronics, for example. There’s no need to see it in person – the specs are the specs.

But with clothing, do you trust the sizing charts when ordering online? What happens when it arrives and is completely wrong for you? Recently, I experienced the best in customer service with a sales consultant who took the time to learn what I liked, pulled clothing she thought would work for me, and assisted with minor alterations. The result? I have some absolutely amazing pieces that fit me perfectly.

You can’t get this kind of experience online. Hands down, there is nothing like the sharp eye and expertise of a highly qualified sales associate.



Do you know your own style?

Many women, if asked, will admit that they don’t think of themselves as having a particular style. Many don’t know the style options and most simply buy whatever is on sale at the mall.audrey hepburn

Deep down, though, I believe women do have a sense of who they are, or at least, who they’d like to be. I did a style consultation with a women who always wore ‘traditional’ suits and jackets. Deep down, however, she longed to show off her inner ‘boho’ side. She just didn’t know how to do that in a corporate setting.

It is possible. I showed her some ways to incorporate boho touches to her corporate ‘uniform’ and still meet her position and company expectations. For others, you may have more latitude than you think.

maxi dress 2If you don’t know your style personality, I can help. I offer a two-hour workshop on discovering your style, at just $149. You’ll learn about your body type, seasonal colours, style personality and – most important – how to shop ‘on purpose.’ No more wandering the mall hoping that something jumps out at you.

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